Early Days

2000 – 2004

David Haar got started in his career at The Phoenix New Times where he worked alongside one of the Sr. Account Executives on the team. After going out on his own at around month six, he never looked back!

In his time with The Phoenix New Times, David learned the ins-n-outs of sales and business development and left the alternative news weekly in 2004 as one of the top billing Account Executives on the team.

Notable clients include:

  • Schumacher European
  • RA Sushi
  • Fibber Magees
  • Nita’s Hideaway

Dive Into Radio

2004 – 2008

After a start in print, David made a move into the world of radio. This was all pre digital so most of the programs that David worked on were centered around on-air campaigns, endorsements and events.

During his time with CBS Radio, his core station went through a lot of changes from an alternative station to an FM talker to a top 40 hip-hop station, so in that time, David worked with a wide variety of businesses that wanted to get their message out on the FM dial in the Phoenix market.

Notable clients include:

  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Live Nation
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Sam Ash Music Stores

All Things Digital

2008 – 2015

After eight great years in the market and with some great experience under his belt, David ventured out to Los Angeles, and that is where his journey into all things digital began. As digital opportunities for advertisers became more and more available, David enjoyed helping his clients with affordable and effective solutions that would harness the power of the internet to drive revenue for their businesses.

From 2010 – 2013, David was part of the team that launched the Phoenix market for LivingSocial, and getting to be a part of a billion dollar startup was one of the highlights of David’s career!

Notable clients include:

  • Innovative Dining Group
  • 2B Wireless
  • Shorty’s Barbershop
  • Warren Miller

Agency World

2015 – 2019

Post LivingSocial, David was exposed to the world of content marketing and inbound marketing while with Vertical Measures. In his time with the Phoenix based agency, David was responsible for all new revenue to the agency and built out a successful business development team that grew the agency revenue considerably each year that David was leading the charge. While with Vertical Measures, David also got his first opportunity to do some public speaking. When the agency lost Its biggest client, the company had forecasted that it would take one to two years to replace that revenue. David and his team did it in eight months!

Notable clients include:

  • Microsoft
  • 2U
  • UPS
  • Tiffany & Bosco

Traditional + Digital

2019 – present

Currently David works with his clients in a capacity that embraces traditional marketing opportunities as
well as digital opportunities. How these two aspects of marketing come together is where David really
enjoys helping his clients drive results. The customer journey can begin in so many ways, and it is common for people to need to be exposed to a message from a brand via multiple channels — this is where things can really get fun.

Harnessing the power of some heritage radio stations in the market, utilizing on-air talent as influencers, and also making sure that a client’s digital footprint helps people as they travel along the customer journey is something that David prides himself on providing for the clients he works with.

Notable clients include:

  • Berkshire Hathaway Auto
  • Camping World
  • Planet Fitness
  • Harmon Solar