I enjoyed getting to contribute to an article that was included in the January 2023 issue of Radio Ink Magazine! Below were my responses that were included along with a handful of radio sellers across the country in an article entitled "How To Become A Superstar Seller".

What is the key to being a successful radio seller in 2023?

"As brands have countless places to put their marketing dollars, being a resource to business owners and agencies is important to establishing strong working relationships and helping clients see positive results from the work they do with you as a radio seller. Along those same lines, being able to help clients with traditional marketing opportunities like broadcast radio and laser-focused digital opportunities really is a must-have as a modern radio seller. Being able to help my clients with several points along the customer journey only helps to driver better results and to be viewed as an invaluable piece in their overall marketing efforts."

Detail what you do to keep your skills sharper than everyone else's.

"When looking at the marketing and advertising space as a whole, the landscape is always changing, and keeping on track with things as they evolve and the opportunities for our clients is incredibly important. Ways that I continue to sharpen my skills include frequenting the content that industry resources such as The Center For Sales Strategy, Arizona Broadcaster's Association and Borrell Associates provide. Creating a curated Twitter feed of some of the best and brightest people in marketing. Continuing to be curious and asking important questions of my clients and others within the radio industry".

How do you convince clients that radio must be in their media mix?

"The first step in the process involves a great, thorough conversation early on to really understand what it is the advertiser is trying to accomplish by utilizing radio as part of their marketing mix. If at that point in the process, it appears that the advertiser is not only a great fit for radio but also that stations that I represent, then a good conversation can be had about what to expect from a radio campaign. How will we measure success? What data can we use to indicate success? The data is there involving the massive reach that radio has. From there, how can we best develop the strategy and creative to make sure the advertiser runs a campaign that matches up with the goals they have stated during the onboarding process? Asking good probing questions to really understand what the advertiser is trying to accomplish, then putting together a plan that checks all of the boxes for them, is how I position myself as the best solution for them as they decide where to allocate their marketing dollars."

Why do you believe radio works for advertisers?

"Radio works for advertisers because as a reach-and-frequency medium, radio is incredibly efficient! Advertisers that approach radio advertising with the proper expectations and who put thought and energy into the creative that they use on radio advertising will do well with the dollars they allocate to the medium. In tandem with proper expectations, and great creative, making sure that all marketing channels are in sync with each other involving messaging, timing, and brand guidelines will only help to ensure the best possible results form the radio portion of their overall marketing mix."

What is your number one radio sales success story ever?

"It's hard to narrow it down to just one, but I would have to say that anytime you can find a great fit between a brand, a station and a strong on-air talent, that results are really fun to watch! Over my career, I would say that my most successful campaigns for advertisers have involved a really good fit with the brand and the station and then laying in a strong on-air talent to endorse the advertiser. The added authenticity portion of the campaign provided by an on-air endorsement is what gives the campaign that extra ability for the brand to cut through the clutter and stand out from their competitors."

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