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Recent campaigns

NOVA Home Loans NFL Sponsorship

Re-cap of the radio sports Sponsorship that NOVA Home Loans secured to align the brand with the 2021 NFL season!

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Hurricane Harbor Re-Opening Awareness Campaign

A brief re-cap of the promotion we did on three of our stations here in the market!

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Vinylly Endorsement Campaign

Awareness campaign that utilized one of the 98 KUPD on-air personalities as an endorser of Vinylly.

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Fitz's December D&D Night

The first in a series of D&D events with Scale & Feather Meadery kicked off with the launch of Loremaster!

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Drive-In Concerts

With concerts as we know them on hold, artists and promoters got creative and started doing drive-in concerts across the valley.

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Roger Clyne Promotion

Roger Clyne performed a drive-in concert at WestWorld in November of 2020 and we did a great promotion around the show!

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Mo's Mutts On Alt AZ 93-3

Highlights from the Mo's Mutts program that was executed on Alt AZ 93-3!

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Simple Machine Brewing Co. Grand Opening

A brief summary of the grand opening campaign we did for Simple Machine Brewing Co.

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Metallica 3rd Party Drive To Retail

A great promotion that capitalized on the Metallica Drive-In concert experience that came to town that tied in a retail partner and boosted awareness for one of the drive-in venues!

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