Over the years I have enjoyed contributing to articles and podcasts that touch on digital marketing, sales and traditional marketing . Below are a few of the articles that have included my insights!

"The 22 KPIs That Every Sales Rep Should Be Tracking"

Published February 4th, 2020

I'm a big believer in KPIs as it pertains to marketing efforts and sales efforts and throughout my career I have always used a CRM or a good old fashioned Excel spreadsheet to track the important KPIs that I had seen were a good way to predict success in my current role. Looking at things like the number of meetings it takes to land a client or the number of cold outreach attempts it takes to land a meeting are a great way to break down larger tasks into more manageable smaller tasks that will generate success. I contributed the following content to the article:

"Meeting/Presentation/Demo Conversion Rate. When we asked the team at Hubbard Radio PHX for their most important sales rep metric, David Haar said: If I had to pick just one, I would pick the percentage of meetings or presentations that turned into closed/won clients. Being able to know how this part of your pipeline works is paramount to achieving your monthly/quarterly/annual sales goals. For example, If 50% of your meetings turned into new clients and you think you need four new clients a month to hit your goal, then you need to make sure you have eight high-quality meetings or presentations a month. From there you can build out how many prospects you need to have in your pipeline get to eight meetings or presentations that will, in turn, lead to four new clients. Haar summarizes: The salesperson can reverse engineer the entire process to make attaining their goals measurable and attainable!"

To read the entire article that highlights all 22 different KPIs, head on over to the Databox blog.

Enjoyably Inappropriate Podcast: "Covid Chronicles"

Published March 30th, 2020

Just as the COVID lockdowns began, it was fun to join Brandwyn Boyle on her podcast entitled Enjoyably Inappropriate. It was really early into the pandemic so there was so much we didn't know at that time but it was fun getting to chat about how brands will need to react to changes in consumer habits and how brands should start working on a plan for when things get back to normal as soon as possible. It was great getting to do the podcast with Brandwyn.

To listen to the entire podcast, take a listen here!

"5 Things to Know About B2B and B2C Content Marketing"

Published December 12th, 2017

This was a fun article to contribute to when I was With Vertical Measures. Whether you are in the B2B marketing space or B2C, content marketing can be an incredibly valuable part of your over all strategy. Does content marketing only work for one or the other? I would maintain that it can work for both! It was fun contributing the following video to the article!

To read the entire article, head on over to the Vertical Measures blog.

"Make the Most of Your Content Marketing Budget with These 44 Tips"

Published November 16th, 2020

I'm a big believer in the power of content marketing and I had a front row seat in the content marketing industry when I spent four years as the head of business development for a digital agency that specialized in content marketing. Over those four years I learned so much about this strategy and how it can transform a business from needing to rely 100% on outbound efforts and can shift the tide to getting prospects to knock on your door and raise their hand that they want to do business with you. My contribution to the article:

"The best thing marketing teams can do to run a successful content marketing program on a tight budget is to tap into the current employees of the company to not only help with the ideation around topics but to also contribute content themselves, says David Haar of Hubbard Radio Phoenix + 2060 Digital. Many will say they don’t have the time or the skill set to contribute to the company’s content, but it can be done, and I’ve seen it done incredibly well! If the company embraces, rewards, and encourages this participation by the entire team to contribute content, great content will be generated. The people within the company know the products and services better than anyone else, and with some guidance and assistance, everyone can create content that will be seen as authoritative, helpful, and useful and will play a big role in the overall content marketing program.”

To check out the other 43 tips, head on over to the Databox blog.

AZ Strategic Marketing Services: "Expert Interviews"

Published March 29th, 2019

This interview was a lot of fun to do! I had worked in the radio business from 2004 - 2008 and found myself back in the industry in early 2019. My friend Patty Hughes asked my if I could do a quick interview to discuss where the industry is at currently and I enjoyed sharing some of my insights as to where the industry is headed and speak to the power of audio.

To see the full interview, head on over to the AZ Strategic Marketing Services website.

11 Expert Tips for Driving More Sales Qualified Leads

Published November 23rd, 2020

Getting MQLs to convert to SQLs is challenge that marketers will always be working on and refining as consumer habits change over time. A well defined and documented strategy is paramount to getting people to learn about your brand and lean in to want to consume the content that your brand creates. From there, getting them to really lean in and raise their hand and say that they are interested in doing business with your brand is what it's all about! I contributed the following content to the article:

"Start with understanding your ideal customer. David Haar says, You are a good fit for ABC… You may not be a good fit for XYZ… Putting that on the radar of your MQLs can help them to think whether or not they are a good fit.”

Head on over here to read the entire article that was featured on the Databox blog.

"Video for Sales and Thought Leadership"

Published April 13th, 2020

This article was a lot of fun to contribute to. Shaye Smith, the Marketing Manager for The Center for Sales Strategy reached out about sharing some of my best practices and some of the things I have learned by using video as part of the sales process. Video is such a powerful way to connect with people and that applies to connecting with people that are a good fit to do business with. Phone calls and email are ways to start conversations but based on the data I have from using video as part of the sales process over the past two years, video is a fantastic way to start conversations.

To read the full article, head on over to the Center For Sales Strategy blog.

"36 Practical Tips for Writing A Great Sales Follow Up Email"

Published December 19th, 2019

Email can be a great tool to use throughout the sales process as well as once you have a working relationship with a client. I learned in my agency days that good, strong, thorough follow up emails and re-cap emails go a long way pre-sale and post-sale. Throughout my career I've learned that the more buttoned up you can be and the more you can manage the many moving parts of a campaign, it will serve you well so when I was asked to share my insights around how to write a great follow up email, I was happy to share. My contribution below:

"David Haar of Hubbard Radio Phoenix + 2060 Digital adds, When writing a follow-up email, I always like to accomplish three things. 1 – I want to show the person or team I have been meeting with that I did a good job listening and wanted to recap our conversation, so we’re all on the same page as we look ahead to the next steps. 2 – If there are things I’ll be doing and things I’ll be asking them to do, I want to outline that clearly and concisely so that we can all be prepared and buttoned-up as we continue the conversation. 3 – As I will have learned some things on our first call or during our first meeting, I’ll make a note of resources and articles that I can send over in the follow-up email to help the person or team I’m meeting with learn more about what we’ll be doing together. Providing value throughout the entire sales process is incredibly valuable, and the follow-up email is a really easy point in the process to do just that!”

To see the other 35 tips and read the entire article, head on over to the Databox blog.

"24 Highly-Engaging LinkedIn Headline Examples to Help You Write Yours Like a Pro"

Published November 19th, 2020

This was a fun article to contribute to as I'm a big fan of LinkedIn. I submitted an example of a LinkedIn headline that I would say was my most highly engaged post on the platform. It's crazy to see how all things Seinfeld continue to be relevant so long after the show stopped airing on NBC. Even on a platform that is for business related networking, a post about the iconic 90s sitcom got a lot of people to join in on the conversation. My contribution to the article:

"Introducing the Seinfeld Bracket featuring 32 companies of the Seinfeld Universe! The staying power of Seinfeld is incredible 22 years after the last episode aired on NBC, points out David Haar. People love to reminisce about the show and what the show created was truly lightning in a bottle as far as comedic television goes!"

To read the entire article that highlights all 24 LinkedIn headline examples, head on over to the Databox blog.

"20 Ways to Fill Your Editorial Calendar with Highly Relevant Topics"

Published June 5th, 2020

One of the best takeaways I had from my time with an agency that specialized in content marketing was the belief that there are content opportunities happening at all times. You may think that people won't care about some of the day-to-day things that go on in your business but I think most people would be surprised once they started creating content that was useful, helpful and insightful and could see how people would interact with that content. It's common to get stumped as brands ideate around content ideas so I wanted to share a tip that based on my experience has worked really well when working to fill up that editorial calendar. My contribution to the article:

"Hold internal workshops: When enlisting the help of their in-house team, David Haar takes their involvement a step further: I would recommend any brand looking to fill up their content calendar to carve out time to do an internal workshop with anyone within the company that is client facing. Sales, customer service, promotions/events, etc. Haar does this at 2060 Digital because those are the people that are in the trenches speaking with potential customers and people that the brand interacts with on a daily basis. During that workshop (that should be fun and interactive) create a list of 50 to 100 common questions that get asked of those departments. There is a hit list of content that can be created that will answer those common questions when people are searching for answers online.”

To see the other 19 tips and read the entire article, head on over to the Databox blog.