September 2020

Topics Include: Google Fundo, Biden-Harris, Adidas, Lego, Content Marketing, PBR, Search Engine Optimization, Boojum, Restaurant Marketing, LinkedIn, NFL, Emojis, Twitter, MOZ, Panera, NIVA and more!

August 2020

Topics Include: Google, Apple, Content Marketing, Heineken, Burger King, Chipotle, Blogging, Pinterest, Twitter, Reels, Esports, Portland, BBC, Search Engine Optimization, Kraft, Steve-O, Marketing and more!

July 2020

Topics Include: Google, Hamilton, Snapchat, Stadium Marketing, WTOP, Stella Artois, CheezIt, Veeps, YouTube, Ford Bronco, ESPN, Twitter, Uber, Vintage Ads, Doritos, Marketing Brew and more!

Mochella Re-Cap

A short-and-sweet re-cap of the Mochella Virtual Music Festival that we executed on Alt AZ 93-3 when all live events got shut down and concerts were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 2020

Topics Include: Ad Fraud, Keen, Influencer Marketing, Marketing Brew, Yeezy, Twitter, Instagram, Subway, TikTok, Boycott Facebook, Canva, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Climate Pledge Arena and more!

May 2020

Topics Include: YouTube, Potbelly, LinkedIn, Giphy, Virtual Festivals, Joe Rogan, Food Delivery, Spotify, Twitter, Bulleit Whiskey, Search Engine Optimization, Ice Breakers, Social Media, Audio, Podcasting and more!

April 2020

Topics Include: Google, Instagram, Jeep, Travis Scott, Zoom, Burger King, Kliff Kingsbury, The Last Dance, Beer, Trolls, Yeti, Modern Family, Yelp, Toyota, Houseparty, Wall Street Journal, Budweiser and more!

March 2020

Topics Include: Smart Speakers, COVID-19, Facebook, Media Consumption, OfferUp, Supreme, MOZ, Twitter, ESPN, Yelp, Panera, Search Engine Optimization. Pearl Jam, Radio, Television, Groupon, KitchenAid & More!

February 2020

Topics Include: Brand Bowl, About Us Pages, Craigslist, Disney, CallRail, Personal Branding, Remarketing, KXNO, Jumpshot, Over, Ahrefs, Popsicle Moments, CRM, SBLIV, GoDaddy and more!

January 2020

Topics Include: Panera, Spotify, Digital Summit Phoenix, Online Reviews, Political Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Instagram, Super Bowl Ads, Heineken, DoorDash, Public Relations and more!

December 2019

Topics Include: DF19, Planet Fitness, Cybertruck, AirBnB, Curbed, Taco Bell, Bloomberg, Gannett, Google, Social Media, Old Navy, Streaming, Popeyes, Live Video, Shopee, SEO, Pokemon and more!

November 2019

Topics Include: Amazon, Vntana, Guns N Roses, PayPal, Social Media, Tesla, Warped Tour, Netflix, Kurt Cobain, U2, GoDaddy, Record Store Day and more!