The Drive-In Concert Explosion!

As states and the entire country have been in some sort of a lockdown or under COVID guidelines, the drive-in concert explosion was born. The drive-in concert experience allows people to enjoy live music from their car or while sitting in chairs off to the side of their car in their designated space in the parking lot. While these shows don't have the same look and feel of being in a theater or a nightclub seeing live music, they are a great way for people to still enjoy live music in a socially responsible environment as we all patiently navigate the COVID restrictions that are in place. Below is a sampling of the things that our stations did to educate the market on how these shows worked, who was coming to town and how even thought this may be different than what you're used to, they are a great way to scratch that live music itch!

Artist Interviews

As part of our overall promotion of the shows, we had an opportunity to do some great interviews with the artists that were coming to town. Kacie and Mo knocked it out of the park with their interviews with P-Nut, Rome and Stephan Jenkins. Full interviews below...

Social Media Exposure

It wouldn't be a well-rounded campaign if the station social channels weren't talking about these shows and the station's involvement with them. We made sure that the 98 KUPD audience and the Alt AZ 93-3 audience knew about the shows, where they could buy tickets, specifics about what you could or could not bring into the shows and more.

On-Air Commercials

All of the shows were also promoted through Phoenix radio advertising campaigns on 98 KUPD and Alt AZ 93-3. The creative was great and attention grabbing and did a great job of letting people know these are live concerts in the valley as opposed to something on a drive-in screen or a movie type of event.

Online Contesting

And similar to what we did with the station's social media exposure, we wanted to make sure people had a chance to win tickets to the shows via app listenership and online listenership. Whenever we do online contesting for concerts, they always get a great response and these shows continued that trend. All of the shows we promoted online generated a large amount of entries!

Campaign Summary

It was a lot of fun working on these shows with CBF Productions. When the dust settled on everything we ran promotions and campaigns for: The Beach Boys, Third Eye Blind, 311 and Sublime With Rome. As people have been looking to do fun, safe, socially-distanced activities, the drive-in concert experience is truly something you need to experience before concerts come back to looking like we remember pre-pandemic. The local contact we worked with on these shows was great to work with and a phenomenal communicator and that proved to be incredibly valuable as there are always a lot of moving parts on these campaigns. As we look ahead to 2021, we're excited to partner up on some more great shows!

Campaign Participants: CBF Productions, 98 KUPD, Alt AZ 93-3 and Arizona State Fairgrounds.