Phoenix Pizza Festival

As live events have come back, this was a really fun campaign and promotion to work on with the promoter of the 2021 Phoenix Pizza Festival. David Tyda has created some of the best food festivals here in the Phoenix, AZ market and we were able to do some fun things together to generate awareness of the event. Aside from that, we were able to secure a title sponsor for the event in T-Mobile. As David mentioned recently on Instagram, without great sponsors behind these events, it would be challenging to get them off the ground post pandemic. Details around the campaign and promotion we did for the event below.

Title Sponsorship Secured

We have a strong relationship with T-Mobile and as they have initiatives to be on-site at fun events around town and also like to be involved as the title sponsor of these types of events, T-Mobile and the Phoenix Pizza Festival ended up being a great fit. As part of their title sponsorship T-Mobile received the following:

     🍕 Named presenting sponsor with category exclusivity.

     🍕 Opportunity to be set up on site at the two-day event.

     🍕 Inclusion in on-site banner displays.

     🍕 Tagged in emcee announcements from the live music stage throughout the event.

     🍕 Inclusion in event press releases ahead of the event.

     🍕 Passes to the event.

     🍕 Inclusion in all marketing leading up to the event and post-event.

Online Promotion

David and Mo have known each other for years and once Mo heard we were doing a promotion for this event, she reached out and said we had to do a Facebook live of her and David enjoying some great pizza from the event and to chat about what the Phoenix Pizza Festival is all about. Below is the 18-min. Facebook Live that Mo and David did a few days before the event.

Station Promotion

As something like a pizza festival and Alt AZ 93-3 couldn't be a better fit, the station was really interested in doing some fun on-air giveaways to the event. The event received on-air giveaways during Mo's show along with online promotion via the Alt AZ 93-3 mobile app. The event also received a great on-air campaign in the form of some :30 spots to air on the station during the two weeks leading up to the event.

Campaign Summary

The event organizer is a great guy and easy to work with so we can't wait to work on more events with him and his team. This was our first time working together where we brought in the title sponsor of the event so we're looking forward to many more great events that we can partner up on together!

Campaign Participants: Phoenix Pizza Festival, T-Mobile, Hance Park, Mo and Alt AZ 93-3.