Campaign Overview

We tapped some of our on-air talent to do giveaways during their shows and the live mentions turned out great. Getting the word out about the water park being opened back up again in 2021 was the goal and Hurricane Harbor Phoenix asked our stations to help with this radio campaign to the Phoenix market.

Multi-Station Support

The heart of this campaign involved us tapping into our on-air talent in several dayparts across three stations to give away some tickets and inform the market that the best waterpark in Arizona would be opening back up as we approached the Summer. The campaign received both live on-air mentions as well as pre-recorded on-air mentions.

Live On-Air Mentions

Tapping into the on-air talent for these giveaways sounded great. Mo on Alt AZ 93-3, Karen Dalessandro on KSLX and Larry McFeelie on 98KUPD did a great job with these on-air giveaways!

Pre-Recorded On-Air Mentions

Above and beyond what our local on-air talent did to promote the giveaways, all three stations included mentions of the giveaways in the Alt AZ 93-3 Web Updates, 98KUPD Tap That App promos and the KSLX X-Files.

Campaign Summary

This was a fun campaign to work on and a short-n-sweet one as there was a need to build awareness as we approached the Summer months. Hurricane Harbor Phoenix and Hubbard Radio Phoenix have worked together over the past few years and we look forward to many more years of partnering up together!

Campaign Participants: Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, 98UPD, Alt AZ 93-3 and KSLX.