Vinylly Endorsement Campaign

Vinylly is a dating app that matches people based on their online streaming habits. We were tapped to help Vinylly gain users in the Phoenix market that were fans of the rock and hard rock format and Vinylly wanted to utilize radio advertising in the Phoenix market to build awareness. When it comes to this format of music, 98 KUPD is not only a powerhouse in the Phoenix market but one of the best in the country when it comes to this audience so Vinylly and 98 KUPD was a natural fit!

Tapping Into Influence

As part of this campaign there was a bank of radio spots that aired on 98 KUPD throughout the month of December. The Shan Man crafted the script and did a great job with the on-air endorsement portion of this campaign. To hear what The Shan Man created, listen below.

Tutorial Video

As part of the campaign, The Shan Man did a great tutorial video on how easy the Vinylly app is to use. In the video below he explains how you can interact with other users and suggest shows and events to attend together.

Station Social Media

As always, station social media was used to round out the campaign and make sure the 98 KUPD audience was exposed to what the app was all about and how easy it was to use. The campaign received exposure on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Social Media Ads

Above and beyond what we did with organic social media for this campaign, we also put some ad spend behind the video that The Shan Man did for Vinylly. Below is the animated ad that was created for the client.

Campaign Summary

This campaign was a lot of fun to work on as my contact at Vinylly is great and working with The Shan Man is always a lot of fun as he is such a pro and also does great work above and beyond just what he can do over the airwaves. In recapping this campaign with the client once all components wrapped it was great to see what areas drove the most interaction and engagement with the app. One of the biggest drivers was the social media components of this campaign that we could directly correlate traffic based on when the posts went live!

Campaign Participants: 98 KUPD, Vinylly, Amee Becher, and Shannon Hernandez.