Fitz's December 2020 D&D Night

As Fitz has been looking to take his D&D Nights out on the road, I wanted to find some great places around town that would be a good fit and make for a great location to hold the events. I did some research on Scale & Feather Meadery located in Avondale, AZ and based on what I saw online, this looked like the perfect location sponsor for some of Fitz's events. I reached out to them to see if they were interested in doing a radio campaign with Hubbard Radio and after speaking with one of the owners of the meadery it was obvious right out of the gates that we had a great fit here. We ended up crafting a great promotion for the event that involved a custom mead being created, a tie in with local bottleshops and a really fun event to be held on site at the meadery on December 12th, 2020. Below is an outline of the entire campaign!

Video Elements

As with any campaign, it's always great when we can use video throughout the promotion. For this event we utilized video on the KUPD streaming pre-roll, the KUPD social channels and more. Below is an example of one of the videos we created as part of this campaign.


To coincide with the on-site event, the team at Scale & Feather Meadery created a mead entitled: Loremaster! Loremaster was their first mead available in 16 oz. cans and was a hopped session mead with spices and orange zest and was distributed via single cans, 4-packs, and on tap. Amanda who is part of the team over at Scale & Feather Meadery put her artistic talents to work on creating some really great artwork for Loremaster. Below you can see how the artwork went from a sketch to the final artwork used on the cans!

On-Site Event

On December 12th, 2020 we held a virtual Dungeons & Dragons game at Scale & Feather Meadery in Avondale, AZ. The event was the culmination of the campaign to help generate exposure for the meadery as well as the Loremaster mead that was produced. Due to COVID regulations the game was virtual and four players were able to play via Zoom and the entire event was streamed live on the KUPD Facebook page.

Bottle Shop Tie-In

A big part of this overall campaign was supporting the sale of the mead via the five bottle shops across the valley that carry Scale & Feather's products. The feedback received from the bottle shops was great. Some of the bottle shops sold out of the product in a matter of days which was a lot of fun to hear. The D&D community came out strong with their wallets and wanted to get their hands on Loremaster as soon as it was available.

Social Media Exposure

The entire campaign received social media promotion across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Fitz promoted everything via his personal channels. The station promoted everything on their end as well. The bottle shops got in on the fun and wanted to let their customers know that Loremaster was in stock. And last but certainly not least, Scale & Feather enjoyed sharing some behind-the-scenes on the creation of the mead along with the on-site event. Social media played a big role in the overall success of this campaign!

Newsletter Inclusion

Fitz has compiled a great email database of people that love D&D and he uses that database to promote his events and recruit players. The event with Scale & Feather Meadery got a dedicated email blast promoting the event and the mead created for the event.

Campaign Summary

This was my first time working with Fitz on one of his D&D Nights and working with him was a lot of fun! Fitz is passionate about D&D and it was great to find a location sponsor in Scale & Feather Meadery where we built out a campaign that was a win for the station, a win for the meadery and a win for the bottle shops that carried Loremaster. As on-premise sales have been difficult in 2020, supporting the bottle shop relationships that Scale & Feather Meadery had around the valley was a great way to move product and get in front of people all over the valley as opposed to just people that are in the west valley near the meadery. As we look ahead to 2021, I can't wait to do some more of these with the team over at Scale & Feather!

Campaign Participants: Scale & Feather Meadery, 98 KUPD, Cellar's Fine Wine & Spirits, King's Beer & Wine, Bottleshop 48, My Beer Wine, Craft Beer Quick Stop, and DB Photography.