Metallica 3rd Party Drive To Retail

With all concerts and events on hold, a great opportunity presented itself to get involved with the upcoming Metallica Drive-In Concert Series that took place across the country back on August 29th, 2020. KUPD is "the" Metallica station in the Phoenix market so we had an opportunity to work directly with the band's management and the promoter on an overarching promotion but a great local opportunity came together really well and was a win-win-win-win situation for a local retailer in the market, one of the venues that was showing the concert, the event itself and the station. For the highlights from this campaign, see below.

On-Air Promotional Mentions

The drive-to-retail was supported via several assets that the station has including on-air mentions directing people as to where they could go to register to win tickets. It's All Goodz was the retail partner on this program and they have two locations in the valley. A big driver for their business is foot traffic into the stores so giving people a chance to win a ticket valued at around $100 was certainly something that would get people to stop by, check out the store and drop in a register to win slip to see if they could win. To hear the promotional announcement that was aired on KUPD, see below.

In Store Register-To-Win Signage

We wanted to make sure it was easy for people to find the register to win box in the stores so we created some nice signage to be attached to the box. One of these was placed in their Tempe location and one in their Phoenix location and once the promotion wrapped, it was fun to see how many entries they received.

KUPD Facebook Page Exposure

The KUPD Facebook page has just over 100,000 followers so anything that we can do on that platform always sees really great engagement. As part of this promotion, the retailer and the venue we worked with received two posts to the KUPD audience via the KUPD Facebook page. Outlined in the posts were details about the event, where you could go to win tickets and information specifically on how you could buy tickets to the best drive-in venue in town, WestWorld of Scottsdale.

Campaign Summary

As I mentioned earlier, this campaign was a win-win-win-win scenario where the retailer benefitted, the venue benefitted, the station benefited and the band benefitted. I like to think that when ever we can find ourselves in a win-win-win situation, we have something special on our hands. To have that fourth entity benefit from this was really great! When the dust settled on this promotion, the venue was beyond happy with all of the exposure they got to the KUPD audience and they were able to position themselves as the best drive-in in town to see the show. The retailer got foot traffic into both of their locations in the week leading up to the event. The station got to be on site and promote the upcoming Metallica A to Z weekend to the people that attended WestWorld. And last but not least, the overall tour got some great additional exposure on the station leading up to the show. Looking back on this promotion, I think we hit a home run all the way around and I can't wait to do some more of these in the market!

Campaign Participants: 98 KUPD, R-Entertainment, It's All Goodz and WestWorld of Scottsdale.