How This Came Together

This campaign came together really nicely for a handful of reasons. We have been running a similar program with John Holmberg and Fulton Homes entitled Pick of The Litter and that program has been up-and-running for a couple of years and we were able to replicate that on Alt AZ 93-3 for the Phoenix-Area Subaru Retailers. Mo was able to jump right in and got on board with the program because not only is she a lover of animals but she has also done a lot of work with one of the Subaru dealerships in the valley. After getting a handle on what Subaru was looking to do and getting Lost Our Home Pet Rescue on board, the campaign came together well and ramped quickly as we had the Pick of The Litter campaign to use as a guide.

Mo's Videos

At the center of this entire promotion were the weekly videos that Mo made in collaboration with Ray Squared Productions. These videos turned out incredibly well and you can really get a feel for the passion that Mo had around this campaign in the videos that were produced. For a sampling of the ten videos that were created and featured one of Mo's Mutts, see below...

Station Social Media

With all of the great video that was produced as part of this campaign it would be a waste not to make the most of it on the station's social media channels. The program received exposure on the Alt AZ 93-3 Facebook page, the Alt AZ 93-3 Instagram page, the Alt AZ 93-3 Twitter page and Mo's personal social media pages.

Station Website Inclusion

As this program was fully backed by the station, it received a dynamic lead on the Alt AZ 93-3 homepage and when people clicked through to learn more, they were directed to the following landing page that had all of the specifics about the promotion outlined.

Dogs 24/7 Prizing

Our friends at Dogs 24/7 came to the table to really add a fun element to this entire campaign. They provided a package of boarding and daycare for anyone that adopted one of Mo's Mutts as part of this campaign. Above and beyond providing a great prize, they also did a great job of sharing the information about this promotion on their social channels. Dogs 24/7 ended up being an A+ partner on this program!

Dogs Finding Their Forever Homes

As of the end of October, six of the ten dogs featured as one of Mo's Mutts have found their forever homes. And based on the exposure of the program, one person came in and adopted one of the cats that Lost Our Home had housed at the shelter because the person heard about them via the Mo's Mutts program!

Campaign Summary

As I look back on this campaign, there are so many wins that came out of this program. The Phoenix-Area Subaru Retailers were able to activate locally on Subaru's national initiative around pet adoptions. Lost Our Home Pet Rescue got some incredibly valuable exposure for their dogs that were looking for forever homes. Mo enjoyed shooting these videos and helping to get these dogs adopted. To quote a Tweet from Mo on 10/22/20: "This is the most rewarding program I've been a part of." And last but certainly not least, Dogs 24/7 got some great exposure in the market for all five of their cage free boarding facilities by providing a great prize for all of the people that adopted one of Mo's Mutts. A lot went into getting this program off the ground and the end result was some A+ work. I'm incredibly proud to have been a part of this one!

Campaign Participants: Phoenix-Area Subaru Retailers, Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, Alt AZ 93-3, Dogs 24/7 and Ray Squared Productions.