Roger Clyne

Roger Clyne is a legend here in Arizona and when he performs live, it is always a great time. Whether its a small acoustic show for charity or a big show outside or anything in between, Roger Clyne has a deep catalog of hits and his fans love the experience of being a part of his live shows.

Station Promotion

In partnership with the KSLX Promotions Director and Aquaman Pools, we were able to do a ton of great promotion for the drive-in show at WestWorld of Scottsdale to the KSLX audience. There were ticket giveaways that were on-air on KSLX, there was inclusion of the event on the KSLX concert calendar, app listeners had a chance to win tickets online and the KSLX social channels promoted the event.

Station Social Media

The drive-in concert was promoted for four weeks on KSLX via on-air commercials, on-air promotional announcements, station social media and station website inclusion. Throughout the month of October the KSLX audience had several opportunities to get information on the show or to try and win a car pass to the event.

Aquaman Pools Got Involved

Above and beyond what the KSLX on-air and promotions team did to promote the show, we were able to tie in Aquaman Pools to be a retail partner. In return for some tickets to be given away, Aquaman Pools had on-air commercials promoting their involvement with the show, station social media talking about the show and Aquaman Pools and KSLX newsletter inclusion promoting their giveaway of tickets.

Frequent Communication

Because this was my first time working with Aquaman Pools, I wanted to make sure they got A+ customer service from us as they had worked with other radio groups in town but never with the team here at Hubbard Radio Phoenix. Above and beyond the execution of everything we did for them promotionally, Aquaman Pools got ten comprehensive updates from me starting on 10/15/20 and concluding on 11/06/20 with a re-cap of everything they received as part of the promotion. With several moving parts to this promotion and a tight promotional window and no previous work history together, I feel like comprehensive and frequent communication really helped this campaign go so smoothly.

Campaign Summary

This promotion was a lot of fun to work on. The team at R-Entertainment is always great to work with and it was great to get things up-and-running with Aquaman Pools. The overall promotion received over five million impressions to the Phoenix market and Aquaman Pools as a contesting partner not only got some great exposure to the KSLX audience but they also had a list of a few hundred opt-in registrants that they can send some future promotional marketing messages to to earn some new clients for their business. As this promotion wrapped, R-Entertainment was happy with everything they received for the show, Aquaman Pools got to get involved and KSLX was happy to do some fun giveaways of tickets as concerts are still few and far between right now as we wind down 2020. Looking forward to doing some more of these!

Campaign Participants: Roger Clyne, KSLX, R-Entertainment, Aquaman Pools and WestWorld of Scottsdale.