Simple Machine Brewing Co. Grand Opening

Late in 2019 I had the chance of getting to meet Marshall and Matt of Simple Machine Brewing Co. as they were getting their North Phoenix brewery up-and-running. What started as a couple of casual conversations during construction of the brewery and taproom turned into a great grand opening campaign that came together really nicely.

Tapping Into Influence

For the grand opening campaign we tapped none other than Brady Bogen to help us promote the brewery as well as their grand opening celebration. Brady is part of the morning show on 98 KUPD and has a really large following in the market so having him give the guys at Simple Machine Brewing co. a thumbs up carries some nice weight!

The Power of Video

A big part of the grand opening campaign centered around Brady being on-site and us grabbing enough footage to create two short videos promoting Simple Machine Brewing Co. and their upcoming grand opening. As you can see in the videos below, we created one video to be used pre grand opening and one to run for approximately another month after their grand opening to maximize the exposure of this campaign. special thanks for Dominic Borgognone for all of his hard work on these videos. Really happy with how they turned out!

98 KUPD Digital Assets

Historically any videos featuring the on-air talent from 98 KUPD performs really well to the audience via the 98 KUPD Facebook page so we wanted to make sure these two videos were featured there as part of the overall campaign. The videos were also inserted in the streaming pre-roll that anyone who listens to the station via the app or online stream could see.

Over The Airwaves

Last but not least, we had Marshall and Matt into the studio to cut some audio to be used as part of the Phoenix radio advertising portion of the campaign. It was great getting the guys over to our building and after capturing a bunch of audio and letting our production team do what they do, we had a great spot that ran on the airwaves of 98 KUPD to support the campaign.

Campaign Summary

This was a really fun campaign to execute with Marshall and Matt and maximized their budget as it pertained to spreading the word about their brewery as well as the grand opening event. Not only was the event a success involving attendance and revenue but Marshall and Matt told me that they had several people tell them they saw the “Brady thing” and heard about us via the promotion they did with 98 KUPD in the Phoenix market. With this first great campaign under our belts involving working together, I'm looking forward to doing some more great things involving the station and the brewery in the future!

Campaign Participants: 98 KUPD, Simple Machine Brewing Co. and DB Photography.